Does this program accept Men and Women?

Yes, we have separate living communities for men and women

Does Synergy Houses drug test?

Yes, we conduct frequent random drug testing.

How long is the Synergy Houses program?

Our goal is to have all residents launch within 12 months

Is there a time commitment?

We ask for a 90-day commitment from all new residents. 

Can I have a job while I am a resident?

Yes, we encourage residents to work jobs.

Do I have to participate in 12-step recovery?

Yes, we are a 12-step based program with walking access to meetings as well as conducting meetings and connectivity on location.

Which location is the best fit for me?

Give us a call and we can help you! Each location offers a different level of care.

Can my family members visit me?

Yes, access varies by phase status. We work with families and residents to organize visits while balancing the needs of other community members.

Can I go back to school while a resident?

Yes, residents are encouraged to find healthy ways to build structure into their days. School is an excellent option. 

Do you accept residents on MAT?

At this time we do not have a residence that can accommodate all forms of MAT. We currently service residents on Vivitrol.

Do you accept residents with a dual diagnosis?

Yes, we have an amazing team of staff to help support all residents. 

Can I ever take overnights with my family?

Yes, residents are eligible for overnights once they have earned a certain phase status.

Can I still see my regular therapist?

Yes, Synergy Houses encourages you to continue to seek additional clinical support.

Can I bring a cell phone?

Yes, cell phones an essential tool to connectivity in recovery. 

Can I bring my computer?

Yes, residents are welcome to bring computers.

Do you do have Wifi?

Yes, we have high speed wifi in all of our houses.

Do you have TV's 


Do you have laundry on site?


Can I bring my car?

Yes, residents are able to have cars once they have earned a certain phase status.