Our Program

programAt Synergy Houses we believe that a safe, sober community of peers is the best way to build your recovery and move forward with a productive and healthy lifestyle.

We provide the structure for you to make the right choices. We have a team ready to help you build a healthy daily routine, guide you in your search for a 12- Step program and sponsor, and help you make plans for the future. We are not counselors or clinicians, but we can help you seek services locally should you need them.

At Synergy Houses our live-in house manager will orient you into the community setting for each house. He or she will explain and enforce the rules, ensure a healthy sober living environment, and provide house leadership. Any residents not contributing to a safe, sober and positive atmosphere will be asked to leave.

Our household communities have a 12-Step focus and require daily attendance and engagement at meetings for all new residents. Our 12-Step Mentors are engaged and experienced senior members of the recovery community and will help you with your own program, should you need assistance or direction. They are available to talk to you about what program best fits your needs and how to find a sponsor. They will help your experience a broad variety of meetings, events, and people to support your recovery.

We believe that volunteer service is an important aspect of recovery and a sign of positively engaging in a local community. We work together and individually to provide service to the local community, and we will help you find a service area that fits with your personal or career interests.

At Synergy Houses, we can provide additional support as well. If you are seeking support or guidance in furthering your education or career, managing your money, or finding outside services, we will do our best to help you open new doors and guide you to expertise you may require.


  • Up at 8 am weekdays and 9 am weekends
  • Daily chores
  • Curfew enforced seven (7) days/week
  • Quiet hours after 10 pm weeknights
  • Mandatory weekly House Meetings
  • Daily 12-Step Meetings required
  • Family-style dinners four (4) nights per week
  • Productively employed and/or in school full time (IOP/PHP excepted)
  • Monthly volunteer service commitment
  • Behavior is monitored and rules are strictly enforced