Become a Resident

Synergy Houses are not for everyone looking for a sober house, a halfway house or a recovery house in Pennsylvania. To be a good fit, you must have a strong desire to remain sober and immerse yourself in a 12- Step Recovery process, be eager to begin or continue full time work or education, and engage in the household and community in positive ways.

Eligibility for Residency

An introduction to Synergy Houses may occur through referral by a care professional or by general inquiry. We consider prospective residents carefully for the best fit as we strive to build strong house communities.

Eligibility for residency requires recent, successful completion of a substance abuse treatment program, meeting age/sex requirements for each house, and a strong desire to build recovery through a personal 12- Step Program. Residents must be substance free and be able to meet the initial payment requirements upon entry. Interviews are required, preferably in person.

The Application Process

Our introductions typically begin with an email or phone inquiry initiated by the referring agency, prospective residents or their families. Upon initial contact we will inform you of availability, basic requirements and our payment terms, and if appropriate, set up a time for an interview. It is helpful if you provide a copy of your rehab aftercare guidelines.

Payment Policy

Synergy Houses do not accept private or public insurance. Prior to moving in, an initial payment is required which includes an initial intake fee, sobriety deposit and four (4) weeks rent. After this rent is due weekly. Commitment is important and we ask our residents to provide a $200 security/sobriety deposit, returnable or applied to rent after a successful three months in our houses.

Once situated, our residents are expected to finance their programs through their work effort, or if in school through financial support from family members. Payments may be made online using PayPal, by bank wire, or by cashiers check/money order or cash. Personal checks are accepted if given time to clear before residency begins.

House Rules

In a recovery setting the enforcement of the house rules and responsibilities establish the positive behaviors and values that are the hallmark of a successful recovery community. Daily chores build accountability and keep the house clean and comfortable for everyone. House Rules help ensure the safety and sobriety at the house. Both responsibilities strengthen discipline, character and provide guidance for respecting others and healthy living. Our rules are strictly enforced.

Click here for a complete set of house rules.

What to Bring

The list of what you need to bring is short. Synergy Houses provides linens and basic toiletries upon your arrival. Other than your clothing, nothing else is needed. If you choose, you may bring a limited amount of personal items, including any of the items listed below:

  • Cell phone/portable electronics w/headphone or ear-buds
  • Books and pictures
  • Alarm clock
  • Athletic gear (large items cleared in advance to ensure adequate storage)
  • Commuter bicycle with cable and lock
  • Other small personal items


What NOT to Bring

The following items are forbidden at Synergy Houses and possession at the house will result in immediate expulsion:

  • Weapons or firearms
  • Alcohol, including alcohol-containing products (mouthwash, etc.)
  • Recreational drugs or paraphernalia
  • Prescription or non-prescription drugs of any kind without prior authorization and appropriate security measures in place
  • Anything with alcohol/drug related images
  • Any items illegally possessed
  • Flammable items (candles, incense, etc.)


Synergy Houses cannot be responsible for your valuables and we specifically recommend you do not bring the following items:

  • Personal computers or game consoles
  • Jewelry or expensive clothing
  • Pets
  • Cash or other valuables.