Why Synergy Houses?

  • We exist because our founding partners all live a life beyond our wildest dream. 

  • We came to that life by following the traditions of the 12 steps of AA. Synergy Houses is many ways is our ongoing 12th step. 

  • We are all committed to teaching those who struggle with what we have struggled with to find the elusive pathway we all found. 

  • Synergy Houses is for people who want what we have and are willing to do the things we did. 

  • One of the most difficult aspects of managing any sober community is how to handle relapse. We support those that relapse provided it does not put anyone else in the community at risk. Being part of a Synergy Houses community means being part of something bigger than ourselves. 

Guiding Principles:


  • The community always comes first, meaning we accommodate individuals to the extent it does not negatively impact others. 
  • Tenured residents guide the newer residents.


  • Our pathway to recovery embraces the steps and community of Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • We don’t believe that this is the only way to get a happy and sober life, but we do know it works for those who work it. 


  • Our actions have consequences. Most of us begin this road feeling the weight of negative consequences from our active actions. 
  • Freedoms, flexibilities and accountabilities within our community are adjusted based on each residents’ ability and willingness to progress.

Timmy Brooks' Story